Who I am

I was born in Tropea, in Calabria, on the Mediterranean coast on 29th August 1984.

If I should wish to define my social-cultural-ethical-spiritual identity I would immediately say that I am
MagnoGraecian, Christian, Mediterranean.

Marianna Adilardi

My region makes up the extreme southern tip of the Italian peninsular, and is itself a peninsular that lies between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas.

A narrow, whirling stretch of water, The Straits of Messina, separate it from the island of Sicily. It has more than 780 km of coastline, most of which is hilly and mountainous: besides the promontories, cliffs, beaches and enchanting bays with crystal clear waters – national and international tourist destinations – there is a rich selection of rolling hills, massive mountains, forests, springs, waterfalls, caves, rivers and valleys.

The Ionian Sea is to the east and the Tyrrhenian Sea is to the west. Sunsets over the Tyrrhenian are most certainly amongst the most beautiful in the world, also because of the constant presence of the Aeolian Islands on the horizon. And in particular Stromboli, which is the closest to my town, Tropea, that is built on the top of a sheer cliff.

Since I was born on the west coast, my sea is the Tyrrhenian – the lower Calabrian Tyrrhenian. The coastlands and hinterlands that look towards this sea take on a myriad of forms from smooth to rugged; there are golden beaches and brilliant white sands, coves enclosed like jewels between the rocks, dizzyingly steep slopes and breath-taking natural terraces from where, on clear days, one can admire three active volcanoes: Etna, Stromboli and Vulcano. This stretch of coast, that goes from Pizzo to Nicotera, along which Tropea and its beauties stand, is dominated by the Poro Promontory with its high plateau and shadowy woods and its natural terracing that goes down to the shores. From here one’s gaze can follow the gentle curve of the Gulf of Gioia Tauro to touch on the heights of Sant’Elia before slipping down to the Straits of Messina to rise again to the peak of Mount Etna, in Sicily.

I feel that the presence of Stromboli – and more in general, of the volcanic Aeolian Islands that dot the horizon – have influenced the temperaments of the peoples that have lived and that live in these areas.
Since 2011 I have worked with “Mediterranean Journeys. Seeking the sources of Lete and Mnemosyne. Staging an experience of conscience”. An interdisciplinary project that has as its scope the re-discovery and communication of foundational central values of the Mediterranean identity: principles, values, ideals, reference models, concepts of time and space, of conviviality, of family and of religiousness elaborated by the Mediterranean civilisations of whom we are the heirs.

At the moment I plan and create routes and itineraries for trips in Calabria from an intimist and subjective point of view reaping the fruits of the riches of our Sea and the unmatched beauties of Nature, inviting people to experience our artistic, historical, archaeological and landscape heritage as a return to the roots and the founts of our identity and our memories, seeking places that have been forgotten, ignored and hidden in secret nooks and crannies. “Mediterranean Journeys.

Itineraries to discover Calabrian treasures and short breaks in Calabria” was set up to give our visitors the opportunity of understanding the values that form our identity as Calabrese people, as Southern Italians, as Mediterranean people, contributing to an acknowledgement of our great historical and cultural heritage which we are called upon to know and get to know, to defend and make productive for future generations.

Have a good journey,
Marianna Adilardi